Marketing Your Small Business (How to Make the Phone Ring)

My first significant startup experience was in the mortgage business. The timing was great – 2002. I had a lot of confidence in my ability to think well, structure the operations efficiently, and motivate people. Some of that confidence was well-placed, some was a bit over the confidence-delusion divide. But, I think we (I had a great partner) had enough stuff (knowledge, experience, timing, whatever) to do well in that business at that time.

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pic of start up pitch microphone

11 Sayings that Will Immediately Kill Your Startup Pitch

I have heard some awful startup pitches. Generally, they are awful ideas. Sometimes other things ruin a fundraising pitch. Once in a while, a startup founder will freeze during a startup pitch. That’s just tough and my heart goes out to that founder. A few years back a founder farted while pitching his startup to me. My heart didn’t go out for that one. If things like this happen when you are pitching your startup, you should excuse yourself to use the bathroom and just leave. I am kidding, of course. Finish the meeting, but you may as well try out your most aggressive material because you aren’t ever cashing that investor’s check.

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man at desk thinking of idea for start up

If It’s Such a Great Idea, Why Isn’t It Already Being Done?

You’ve got this great startup idea and you are sharing it and getting feedback but then someone asks “If it’s such a good idea, why isn’t someone else already doing it?” You pause. Makes sense. It’s a great idea. There must be some problem, some hurdle you can’t overcome. Is this REALLY a great startup idea? Will it make a great business? If it really were such a great idea, surely someone would already be doing this, right? Wrong. At least, oftentimes wrong. It’s always tempting to think all the great startup ideas are taken or that they should be. But, that’s simply not the case.

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kids in line at lemonade stand

6 Easy Ways to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

The last thing the world needs is more cold capitalists. However, capitalism is a powerful force for change. In a world that is increasingly in need of solutions to pressing challenges from global warming to water shortage, equipping our children to understand how to execute an idea and bring solutions to market is critical.

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