I am a niche player in this enormous market, but I am extremely effective in the startup world.

As a coach and business consultant, I work closely with individuals or small groups to help them discover and clarify their strengths and goals, identify and address apparent weaknesses, push themselves out of their comfort zone, and overall perform at peak levels. Exactly what opportunities and challenges we address depends in large part to you. Sometimes my coaching services focus on developing entrepreneurs as leaders and business people. Other times my services are more focused on the business itself and we explore questions about your strategy, value proposition, competitive positioning, corporate culture and related topics. If you’re in Texas, we work in person. Otherwise, we can work over the phone.

A service I provide to entrepreneurs that sometimes leads to a consulting/coaching relationship and other times is just a one-off service to help them prepare to raise capital is The Startup Shepherd 2&1. The 2&1 is two hours of hands-on interaction and research so that I understand your business, including its value proposition, operations, industry and competition. I then deliver one hour of feedback to help you fine-tune your message, improve your business plan, and better prepare your company to succeed. Most our 2&1s end up being more than three hours, although we still price them all at flat rate of $500. And, you’re free to ask all the follow-up clarification questions you need, so it’s a great way to get us working together for a low start fee. I guarantee you will agree this is money well-spent. I bring together my angel investor and former venture capitalist experience, startup and business lawyer background, and bruises and successes from the companies I have launched. All my experience and knowledge is yours for these three to five hours.


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